2022-02-04 HamatomaConfiguration data, new CreateInitialSql master
2022-02-01 HamatomaI18N works
2022-01-31 HamatomaYamlMerger: logging merged files, globals.sql: fix...
2022-01-31 HamatomaHelper, Validators, AttendedPage
2022-01-30 HamatomaRefactoring: removing warnings
2022-01-30 HamatomaRefactoring: removing warnings
2022-01-30 HamatomaRefactoring: removing warnings
2022-01-29 HamatomaI18N, Validators, Benchmarks, Scopes, Users
2022-01-24 HamatomaRefactoring, installation of a derived project
2021-10-24 HamatomaRefactoring
2021-10-23 HamatomaRefactoring, new module rolestarter
2021-10-23 HamatomaRefactoring, new module starters
2021-10-22 Hamatomapage list_xxx_custom works with paging managed by chips
2021-10-21 HamatomaRefactoring: fetching backend data via FutureBuilder
2021-10-20 HamatomaBenchmark: all data types, creation of records
2021-10-16 HamatomaModule benchmarks to implement all widget types.
2021-10-14 HamatomaGenerator: SQL statement for list pages can be customized
2021-10-13 HamatomaGenerator: generated program works
2021-10-12 Hamatomameta_tool generates correct list, edit, create and...
2021-10-10 HamatomaListUserPage, CreateUserPage and EditUserPage work...
2021-10-08 HamatomaGenerator routes Structures
2021-10-06 HamatomaGenerator RestServer GlobalData edit/delete-routing
2021-10-03 HamatomaGenerator, helper, module_meta_data PageMetaData.
2021-09-29 Hamatomadaily work
2021-08-25 HamatomaDaily work: app runs until first page
2021-08-11 Hamatomai18n_text_parser, dart_tools
2021-08-08 Hamatomai18n_text_parser works
2021-08-08 HamatomaGenerator, i18n_text_parser, i18n, yaml_merger, rest_server
2021-08-02 Hamatomadaily work
2021-07-20 Hamatomarest_server, rest_client
2021-07-15 Hamatomadaily work
2021-07-01 Hamatomanew: sql_storage
2021-06-29 Hamatomadaily work
2021-06-29 Hamatomainitial commit